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Activewear Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman

Activewear Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman

In the archaic ages of fashion, women had to choose either style or practicality. Now, just as with general evolution, fashion has evolved to include empirical clothing.

Activewear is an increasingly popular form of apparel, and rightfully so. After all, nothing like trendy, comfortable clothes boosts your confidence to encourage you to hit the gym.

With the plethora of choices available for activewear, it can be overwhelming to choose the correct item, especially if you are a beginner. If you are well versed with sportswear/gym wear/yoga wear, you know how important it is to wear the right clothing when working out. Bid adieu to guesswork for gym clothing, and scroll down to know all about activewear wardrobe-essentials.

6 Activewear Wardrobe Necessities for all Women

1. Sports Bra

If activewear were a religion, then a sports bra would be its holy grail. It may be hard to believe, but a good sports bra can make all the difference. The wrong fit can kickstart breast tissue damage, saggy skin, and a series of aches, including the dreaded backache. It is arguably the most crucial investment
within a woman's activewear wardrobe, and it would be far from wise to overlook it.

Pokaba Luxe Core Sports Bra has everything you could want from a great sports bra: maximum support, flattering contours designed for the perfect fit, and a chic look.

2. Leggings

In all honesty, leggings are essential for every kind of wardrobe. Often the lifesaver in many outfit crises, its versatility, comfort, and flexibility makes it a must-have.

Pokaba Active Seamless Flow leggings are the answers to all your legging-related prayers. With advanced moisture-wicking technology for quick-drying and a high waistband for support, they are the epitome of practical comfort. The soft to touch and quick to dry Seamless Flow leggings hug your body perfectly, allowing you to move smoothly.

3. A White T-shirt

Another versatile wardrobe necessity, a white T-shirt, is undoubtedly your safe place in the world of clothes. Ideal for the days when you don't know what to wear, these T-shirts are the epitome of durability and comfort.

Additionally, white tees and crop tops are excellent for daytime meetings as well as evening outings. So, with this addition to your wardrobe, the days of frantically rushing from the gym to make it to a conference or a dinner date are over.

4. Exercise Tops

While we are on the topic of going from the gym to the streets in minutes, it wouldn't be fair not to mention versatile exercise tops like tank tops, short and long sleeved tops. Common staples in any style arsenal, they are perfect for comfortable workouts as well as spontaneous outings.

After an intensive training session, you can layer these tops with trendy jackets, and step out looking awesome. Make sure to select moisture-wicking, anti-body odour, breathable exercise tops for your convenience.

5. Hoodies

Hoodies are the ultimate gods of athleisure. While these are great for the colder months, they are even better for an instant closet pick-me-up. Opt for ones made of thermal materials during a workout for some much-needed insulation.

Cropped hoodies are an excellent choice because of their current mega popularity. For some people, wearing them indoors can generate more sweat and, thus, a greater weight loss, which may be a desirable result for some.

6. Sneakers

Cute kicks have a cult following of their own. The right sneakers pose a double threat: they make you feel fully prepared to take on the world while looking your best.

Daily trainers are good choices for minimal to moderate exercises. Cardio, on the other hand, calls for lightweight sneakers that cushion your feet. The wrong choice in sneakers can lead to injury. However, the right ones can be comfortable and will earn you numerous compliments.

Pokaba - Your New Go-To Activewear Brand

As mentioned above, fashionable yet functional clothing has become the motto of most women. We, at Pokaba, understand this and have thus decided to take it up a notch.

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